Programming languages I (de facto) use


I love to use a lot of programming languages. “Right tool for the job” kind of thing. I had a hunch which of them I use the most, but wanted to check the percentages per project.

One quick google search revealed a tool called github-linguist which is built by GitHub I presume to support their repo statistics. I quickly asked Chat GPT to build me a bash script that I could run in my projects directory so that it will call github-linguist on every directory, collect the output ( only first line is interesting because usually that denotes the language) and just write the first line.

GPT Failed spectacularly and even after going back and forth few times with it I wrote my own script. I put the result into a spreadsheet program and generated a chart. My project folder includes work I did for the clients, products I built for my companies Saburly and KBR4 and any open source projects I wanted to modify and tried out for some reason.

Some of them are in a programming language I never used. For example i never wrote a line of HCL. But that’s a discardable minority. Wihtout further ado – here is the chart:

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